Keeping it Simple


About this Activity

Do We Complicate Life too Much Sometimes?

I am going to remind you of some of the previous Time Out’s this week. Sometimes it is all about keeping it simple.

  • Take “Time Out” when you feel stressed, or set aside a few minutes per day to just ‘be.’
  • Breathe!
  • Try to focus on what is happening right now instead of thinking of all the other things that need doing.
  • Don’t lose contact with your friends. It is great to have someone to share with.
  • Move on, don’t dwell on things that have happened that you have no control over. If you have made mistakes, learn from them and leave them behind.
  • Practice some lateral thinking while problem-solving.
  • Do we have to check our email or Facebook more than once a day? Some of that time might be better spent…
  • Do something nice for someone else. It creates a “feel-good” feeling for both of you.
  • Isn’t it nice when someone tells you that they appreciate what you have done? Return the favor, voice your appreciation aloud.
  • Listen and really hear what someone is saying without interrupting and giving advice unless it is asked for.
  • Believe that you are enough.
  • Smile : )

This is one of the poems our nursing home residents wrote in the creative writing group. I think the simplicity of it speaks for itself. It is just called “Tea.”


A cup of tea,

Just for me.

It came in a pot,

And was nice and hot.

I really enjoyed it,

And why not?


Have a great week, and work on keeping it simple!

Maria Brady

Activity Coordinator & CQO at Maria’s Place

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