The Benefits

About this Activity


Drinking it, being near it, or being in it all have mental, emotional, and physical benefits for us. Drinking it and keeping appropriately hydrated boosts our immune systems, combats fatigue, and increases our energy levels. It helps keep our skin clear and smooth, keeps headaches at bay, lubricates our joints, keeps muscles elastic, and improves our brain function. Staying hydrated has incredible benefits, yet most of us still don’t drink enough.

Drinking enough water is a conscious effort and is a wonderful way to take care of yourself. If you don’t like the taste of water, add a lemon or lime or let some cucumbers or strawberries soak in it for a while for a refreshing treat.

Being near water has benefits too, particularly the ocean. Just sitting on a beach watching the ocean waves roll in can calm anxiety. It’s very hard to be stressed out while sitting on a beach with your toes in the sand, watching the waves lap up and down the shoreline with the smell of salty air and a slight breeze blowing. There is something magical about it.

But if you can’t get to the ocean, taking a bath or soaking in a jacuzzi can give you some of the same benefits. Taking a hot bath before bed can help you sleep, and simply being horizontal can signal to your body that it’s ok to relax.  

Up to 60% of adult bodies are made up of water. It makes sense then that water is the stuff of life, your life.

We simply can’t survive without it.

Raise a glass of water to your life, and enjoy the benefits!


Liv Fagerholm

Creation Associate at Maria’s Place