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Caregiving can be a challenging journey. At Maria's Place, we bring new ideas and fun activities to incorporate into the daily lives of caregivers and those they are caring for. Our activities are for every ability level and many can be adapted to group situations.

As a team, we are passionate about bringing moments of joy,
small challenges, ideas, and opportunities to bond with the caregiving community.

Our Trusted Experts

Meet the individuals who have made Maria’s place possible. Click on a portrait to read their biographies.

Maria Brady

Creativity and Caregiver Support

From giving demonstrations and hands-on workshops to, for the last few years, working as an activity director in nursing homes, Maria has a passion and love for the older generation.--Whether it means teaching a new craft on video, or sharing moments from her daily experiences in the nursing home, Maria cares about people and brings her positivity to Aging.--Working with people in varying stages of cognitive ability, all needing mental, physical and social stimulation, is a positive challenge to her. In Maria’s Place, she aims to educate, share fun activities, and inspire people to broaden their horizons and expand their life journey.--Maria enjoys the stories of a life lived and believes strongly that it is never too late to learn a new skill.--Maria has for many years combined her interest in arts and crafts with working the older generation. She has worked in the community, with individuals and professionally in nursing homes. Maria’s education is in creativity, social studies, she has a degree in Fine Arts and 20+ years of crafting experience.

Nichole Bontrager

Chief Executive Officer

Nichole Bontrager is a student of the world and humanity. She strives to learn something from each experience in life, and is passionate about sharing her findings with those around her. She is a truly inspired individual who wants people to realize how easy it is to be happy!--Nichole has overcome obstacles in her life, physically and mentally, and is a testament to the thought that having a stress free, positive outlook really does have a large impact on an individual's healing process.

Jennifer Bingham


Jennifer Bingham began her practice after completing multiple degrees from Seattle Pacific University, Bauman College of Holistic Medicine, Blood Chemistry Analysis and the MRT Food Sensitivity Training (CLT). Her love for clean eating and passion for health drove her to begin studying health well before entering school.--She has been inspired through her own trials and tribulations, dealing with a chronic condition, to help those with a need to regain control of their health. Jennifer has created a loving business that caters to everyone ranging from professional athletes and those who struggle to lose weight, to hormone balancing in both men and women, or children with digestive issues and ADHD. She takes into account the needs of each client, focusing on biochemical individuality.

Karen Francis

Caregiver Support

Karen is a passionate supporter and educator to both caregivers and people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Karen is a “Memory Care” consultant and is involved in nursing home design with the view to creating an exceptional living environment for the residents. She has been a caregiver and a caregiver advocate for the last two decades.--In Maria’s Place, Karen facilitates online support groups and shares her her vast knowledge and experience with us in videos and articles. MariasPlace.com offers opportunities for social connections.--Karen is a two-time recipient of the Alzheimer’s Association “Caring Hearts, Helping Hands” Volunteer-of-the-Year award. She also received the Presidential Service Award in 2009 for service to the Alzheimer’s population. Karen serves on many committees for health and aging and she lobbies to the government on behalf of people who are affected by dementia.--Karen has a Masters Degree in Social Work, a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Certificate of Gerontology.

Christy Madison


Christy Madison is a certified personal trainer through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). She has also been certified in the TRX Suspension Trainer.--Christy has a love for being active and helping others. Working out is a passion and she enjoys assisting others in reaching their fitness goals. Through her positive, motivated, and determined mindset, she hopes to encourage others to pursue a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Ryan Iguchi

Web & Digital, Business Development

Maria’s Place business development is energizing and enjoyable for Ryan.--Through personal experience with his Grandma, he has a deep affinity with Caregiver Support and Lifelong learning. When he is not meeting with clients or leading teams of digital producers, Ryan thinks about ways to share education and resources to Caregivers around the world.

Sofia Lindroth


Sofia is the author of our inspirational day book, where she shares her daily quotes and photographs.--Sofia’s entire world and way of life is based on the principle of perspective. Whether it is analyzing a situation or difficulty from a different stance to better understand it, or framing the world through a lens, she is always challenging herself.--Sofia’s interest in photography and love for exploring go hand in hand. The use of photography in this world helps her to look at everything in a unique and detailed way.--Sofia feels that the human experience is all about a never-ending ebb and flow of hardships and successes and it is what we chose to do with those experiences, that forms our very existence.

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