The Wonders of this Season

Through a Child's Eye

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The Wonders of Life

I have always been a big fan of this time of the year. To me, it feels like a time of love, magic, wonder, giving, family, and friends (and good food too). All of the muffled snow-covered homes, quiet nights where the snow crunches under my feet as I walk, crisp starry nights, all of the beautiful lights on the houses- I am always filled with a sense of wonder and imagination.

It is a familiar feeling I get every year, ingrained in me when I was a child when the world was pure magic. Looking at my daughter now, as an almost 3-year-old, when she stands near a Christmas tree with her mouth wide open, whispering and gently touching the ornaments in awe, it just makes me think about being a child when everything was just simple and pure.

If you think about babies and young children, they seem to come into this world with a sense of pure love and joy, living in the moment. When they get upset, they cry it out, and then it is gone, and they are happy again. When they see something new, their eyes light up. When they laugh, it is the most contagious sound around.

Then life happens, and something in us changes. It is almost as if we become more suspicious, more guarded. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could go back to the days before this change and experience life from this early childhood perspective again? Kids are around everywhere, and they can remind us constantly of the wonders of life. If we lose sight of what really matters in life, we can always turn to kids to be refreshed. Animals tend to hold the same qualities.

This Holiday Season, I wish you the joy, awe, and wonder of a child!

With love,

Nichole Lindroth Bontrager CEO & Life Enthusiast at Maria’s Place