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Creating Order

A couple of months ago, I met a friend for lunch that I went to college with 10 years ago. During the conversation, she asked me, “Are you still making lists?” I started to laugh, surprised that she remembered and said so. She said that my lists were so interesting and that she will always associate them with me.

I usually write on small pieces of paper and will probably have at least two lists in my back pocket and another few in front of the computer. Every few days, I sit down and write anything that I haven’t done yet, from the six or seven existing lists, onto a new one and start over. I have done this most of my life.

Lists could be shopping needed, things to do for Maria’s Place, stuff to find out about, things for work in the nursing home, etc...

The nursing home ones are usually quite interesting; lots of things come up in conversation. I come home and have to print countries in Europe, find out what teeth are made of, find a picture of kittens for a resident, etc.

Are there benefits to lists?

I am a very poor sleeper, and keeping a pen and paper beside the bed and writing thoughts and ideas as I think of them allows me to let go of those thoughts and know that I will remember them in the morning, thereby helping the sleep process.

I believe lists create order. Actually writing something on paper makes it ‘official.’ You are more likely to do the task instead of putting it off indefinitely.

If the lists seem a bit overwhelming, it is great to decide in the morning that you will reduce that list today! Prioritize the tasks that are most urgent and get to it! It is amazing how much you can get done with a bit of strategy and determination. It is a great feeling crossing one thing after another off a list.

Are you forgetful, or do you put things on the long finger? Try using pen and paper and make a list this week! Do some of the things on it to reduce the items. Then give yourself a big pat on the back and congratulate yourself on getting something done that you had put off doing.

Have a great week!

Maria Brady

Activity Coordinator & CQO at Maria’s Place