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What if Everyone Wins?

 win win

Let's do it our way

A wise man imparted some wisdom on me this week and it really got me thinking. He said, “when you come at any situation with the intention of it being a win-win situation, everything changes!”

I thought about this. It is so true! Whether it is in the form of negotiations, having to deliver “bad news”, dealing with hardship, or just communicating with people in your day to day life. Inevitably, there are always going to be times where we are nervous or anxious about a certain topic with certain people. But what if we changed our approach? What if, instead of thinking about how hard it was going to be, we actually thought about making it a win-win for everyone involved? Everyone will walk away with a satisfied feeling and will know that you truly are on their side and that you care.

Even if you don’t know how a situation could possibly turn into a situation where everyone wins, just having that intention coming into it will make space for new ideas to form during the conversation. Ideas that you hadn’t thought of before.

As Greg Anderson says “The law of win/win says- Let’s not do it your way or my way: let’s do it the best way.”

Let’s all try it and see what happens!


Nichole Lindroth Bontrager

CEO & Life Enthusiast at Maria’s Place

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