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Isn’t it amazing how many sayings and proverbs we remember from our lives! It is a bit like when someone starts singing a song and you find yourself singing along with the words to the chorus even though you haven’t heard the song for years. Proverbs work the same way, your automatic memory kicks in!


In this section, you will find lists of well-known proverbs. They are great for use with both individuals and in a group situation and are often a great way to connect with individuals with dementia. To engage the other person (s), you say the first part of the proverb and let them finish the saying.

To encourage conversation you might ask them what they think a particular proverb means or refers to and then have a discussion around it. For example: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” can give rise to a conversation about someone you both know who have characteristics reminiscent of their mother or father.


Proverbs Worksheet #1

Read the Proverbs on the Worksheet one at a Time. Think…
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