Free Activities

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Mazes, #1

The Object of Solving Mazes is to ‘Travel’ From Start to Finish Without Encountering any

Number Crunchers, 2 Levels, #1

Doing Math Calculations is a Good Way to Keep the Brain Active.

Ice cream, 2 Levels Word Search

This Word Search Has 2 Difficulty Levels.

Birds, Word Search

Where are the Birds?

Easy Numbers Quiz

Try Your Hand at This Printable Quiz.

10 Whiteboard Activity Ideas

10 Fun Uses For a Whiteboard

Split Words, Fruits

Find Some Common Fruits

Paper and Button Flowers

A Fun Paper Craft Project with Maria and Sheila.

Food Quiz #3

A Printable Food Quiz.

Word Clues, Letter W

Each Clue Leads to a Word Starting with W.

Crossword for Dementia, #2, Tools

Crossword for Dementia