Creative Writing Activity

My Dinner Guest.

Short Description:

Imagine that you can have a lovely dinner and a good conversation with anyone in the world.

All expenses paid. The person doesn’t have to be alive today; it can be someone from history or the present day. It might be a family member, a famous person, a sports star, someone you admire, etc.

Sharing your writing with family or friends can be fun and ask them who they would like as a dinner guest.

What food would you serve for dinner? Don’t forget dessert!

Directions for Caregivers:

This is a really fun social one-on-one activity. Have a chat about who each of you would invite to dinner and why.

This is a great activity for a small group of older adults. Give each person a printed worksheet to fill in. When you are all finished, have a group discussion about who you chose for your dinner companions and why.

Early stage dementia

Have fun discussing the potential dinner companions and designing the menu. Bring the discussion into favorite foods and reminisce about places you have enjoyed eating in. The activity is bound to bring back positive memories and stories.

About this Activity

My Dinner Guest, Creative Writing Activity.

This creative writing activity exercises focus, memory, creativity, and imagination.

Add some reminiscing! Chat about people who have featured in your life. Was there someone in your youth that you admired? An actor, musician, or other celebrity? Favorite family members, etc.

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