Easter Traditions Around the World

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Easter Traditions around the world have evolved over time, depending on the customs of each unique culture.

Easter traditions around the world


Mexican Easter tradition

In Bermuda, a popular Easter tradition is to visit the Botanical Gardens and make 'jump ups.' These are small wooden crosses that people make and hang up in their homes. They also fly homemade kites on Good Friday and eat codfish and hot cross buns.

Sweden and Finland

On the Thursday before Easter in Sweden and Finland, children go door to door trading paintings and drawings for chocolate eggs and sweets. They dress up in colorful headscarves and red cheeks and carry bunches of willow twigs they have decorated with feathers.

Sweden is known for its traditional Easter smörgåsbord, with dishes such as herring, salmon, eggs, and Jansson's temptation (a dish made with potatoes, cream, and anchovies).

In Finland, one of the most recognizable traditions is egg-knocking – children knock their decorated eggs against one another in an attempt to break their opponent's egg without breaking their own!


Mexico has a variety of traditional Easter practices, such as El Paso del Niño Jesús (Passing of the Baby Jesus), where volunteers help lead processions reenacting Jesus's entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.


In Haux, France, a special Easter Sunday practice for children is known as 'La Fête des Petits Lapins', or 'Little Rabbit Festival.' It involves gathering chocolate eggs from gardens at night before returning home for a meal of rabbit stew. They also traditionally make and serve an enormous omelet. This omelet feeds around 1000 people and is made from more than 4500 eggs!

Australia, UK, and USA

In Australia, the UK, and the USA, communities come together to celebrate Easter by holding bonnet parades. Participants create elaborate hats adorned with flowers and feathers that they parade through city streets. The event captures the spirit of Easter in all its joyous forms. Another fun activity for children is the Easter egg hunt. Children have to find hidden eggs around their houses and gardens. Sometimes they are given clues to help them find the locations.


And finally, any Christian communities in Africa celebrate with an Easter Vigil. The church is decorated with 'Vitenge' and 'Kanga,' clothes formed into shapes like butterflies and flowers. A tradition celebrated throughout many African countries is 'Griots.' The tradition involves drumming circles accompanied by singing and dancing performances depicting stories from African folklore. The evening culminates with everyone gathering together to share meals of local delicacies such as Couscous or Koki Corn.

No matter where you find yourself this Easter season, there are sure to be special celebrations full of history, culture, and lots and lots of fun! Maybe our Easter traditions around the world article will give you some new ideas to try.

Easter traditions around the world

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