Coloring isn’t Just for Kids These Days.

About this Activity

Coloring May Be Trendy, but it Really Does Have Emotional and Mental Benefits.

For those who just can’t sit still and meditate, coloring in an adult coloring book can be a healthy option. Coloring can help reduce anxiety, bring you to a more mindful place, and get you focused. Therapists and Psychologists often prescribe coloring to their adult patients as a relaxing and calming tool. Coloring also uses both sides of your brain and can ground and balance you.

I have been coloring in an adult coloring book as of late, and it truly does get me to a meditative state. It quiets my rambling and troubling thoughts (what I call the running hamster cage) and gets me to sit and be still without me feeling like I am sitting still.  Plus, it makes me feel like a kid again!

There is no lack of adult coloring books these days: from Mandalas to Harry Potter adult coloring books.  Crayola has even designed a line of colored pencils, pens, and coloring books specifically for adults.  I think this is a great way to treat yourself and your inner child. I set aside time after my son has gone to bed, and it is a great way to wind down from my day before getting into my own bed!

Pick up a colored pencil today and bring some color into your life!

Best, Liv Fagerholm