The Silver Lining

Make the Most of It!

About this Activity

I am Sure You Have Heard the Term “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.”

In other words, even the worst events or situations have some positive aspects. Ever since I started incorporating this thought process into my life, I have to say; things simply got better. At first, it was an effort to think this way, but it got easier and easier until it became second nature as time went on.

Looking back on my life, it seems that every time something seemingly “difficult” or “bad” happened, something positive could always be found, or it led to something better.

A big example of this in my life was being sick for years. Over about an 8 year period, I was saddled with excruciating pain every single day. I did not know where it came from or why it was happening, and it brought on a dark time in my life. I went to doctor after doctor with no answers until eventually, it became apparent that I was suffering from 2 different autoimmune diseases. This was heartbreaking for me because there was no “cure,” and I thought this was going to be my life forevermore.

At this point, with no hope of ever feeling good again, my whole life turned around hugely. Everything came to a point, and I thought, “there has to be more to life than this.” People started showing up in my life who helped me to feel great again! My whole perspective on life changed, and with that, my health turned around completely. I started to love life again and be excited about it every single day. I felt a passion and love for life that I had never felt before.

It has been a long road, but I honestly believe that if I hadn’t reached “rock bottom,” I might not have ever been open to feeling the way I do today, and that, for me, is the greatest gift I could ever think of. I actually now feel blessed and so grateful for the pain I had - It led to the best time in my life so far. Also, I believe that if I did not know what physical pain felt like, I would never really know what feeling good feels like. Now I know, and it is beautiful.

I know that there are definitely situations in life that are much more difficult to endure than the event I just described in my life. I know that everyone goes through tough situations in their lives and it can be extremely trying. I also know that there is always a silver lining.

I wish you all the love, healing, and happiness in the world.

Nichole Lindroth Bontrager

CEO & Life Enthusiast at Maria’s Place