Beading for Peace

Creative and Relaxing

About this Activity

Eliminating Stress

Many times I have picked up knitting needles and taught myself the basics of knitting. I find it nice to sit in a quiet house after a long day of work and do something that is both busy yet quietly meditative. Knitting didn’t last long for me, but what I discovered was I get the same benefits from beading or making jewelry that knitters get. Beading is a great motor skill activity for young kids, a great cognitive activity for older people, and a wonderful wind-down activity for all. What I like about beading is that I can just string beads on thread and leave it at that, or I can get more complicated and make an actual necklace. Beading is all in your control and can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be.

Beading helps to eliminate stress, can be a form of therapy, and, if you like, can be a social activity. Or like me, you can bead at night, after everyone is asleep, and use it as a winding down tool before bed.

This is also a simple way to express your creativity. Tapping into your creative self is such a lovely gift to give yourself after a long day of giving to others. It is also incredibly fun to walk into a bead store and get lost in all the colors and textures available.

Don’t string yourself along; put a bead on it!

Liv Fagerholm

Creation Associate at Maria’s Place