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Friends From Long Ago

Do we let go of past friends too quickly as life moves on? Now in my 60’s, I am starting to think about people who mattered to me when I was young. It must be part of getting older: these thoughts didn’t really enter my mind for a very long time, but I find that much more of my time is spent reminiscing now than before.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at keeping in touch... but is it too late?

I do not feel I need lots of people in my life, but wouldn’t it be nice to see what your best friend in school is doing now and get in touch with each other; maybe find out what my friends during my teenage years are doing now? I have to admit I am curious sometimes.

You remember people but have no idea what their lives turned out to become. I remember personalities: introverts, extroverts, adventurers, bright sparks, those never paying attention in school, and so many different personalities.

We grow up, get jobs, maybe get married, start a family. There are so many new things going on in our lives that the past often becomes just that, the past.

I will make it my mission this week to contact one person from my younger years and see where it leads.

Will you do the same?

Maria Brady

CQO and Activity Coordinator, Maria’s Place

Photo: Helena Lindroth