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This is our monthly digital subscription where we send you new and fresh activities from our booklet every week, straight to your inbox. Every Monday, you will receive an email with that week’s activities to print out, along with an invitation to the Weekly Activity Social on Zoom, which takes place on Wednesdays. Each week has a different theme according to the time of year and is based around that week’s emailed activities.

This subscription is perfect for the older adult who wants to make new friends, get social and have fun with our activity team and fellow community members in a group setting.

10 / month

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Weekly Activities to your Inbox

You will receive a variety of activities that cater to mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing. We believe these four components are vital to maintaining a healthy and holistic approach to aging gracefully.



Each week we host an Activity Social on Zoom. We go over the activities you received in your email and do lots of other fun activities together. We have good
conversations, spend time getting to know each other and set goals for each month. Our passion is to provide motivation, support and accountability.

What to look forward to

Week 1: Goal Setting

The beginning of the month is a great time to set intentions and goals! You will receive a planner, calendar, and journal in your inbox to set the month up for success. You will also receive your monthly yoga exercises in your email this week. The social session focuses on planning the month, and we also go through a few simple exercises.

Week 2: Reminiscing & Craft

In this week’s email, one of our community members shares a story and favorite recipe, and we feature the craft of the month. We will reminisce about the foods and go through the craft activity in the social hour. You can also do some gentle exercises with us.

Week 3: Brain Teasers

There are brain teasers in your email this week, and we will expand on them and stretch your knowledge. This is a fun session that will encourage group participation and independent thinking.

Week 4: End of Month

This week you will receive more brain teasers in your email and the focus in the social hour will be chatting with fun brain challenges and a little bit of movement thrown in. Celebrate your wins for the month!


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