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Activity eBooklet


With this subscription, you'll be sent an activity booklet to your email each month. This booklet is full of activities for the body and mind and provides fun and entertaining brain teasers, trivia, exercise, and creative activities. If you are an older adult, a person caring for an older adult, or a professional serving older adults, this monthly eBooklet is for you!

Senior Care

Are you an activity or life enrichment professional in senior living or a day center? Are you an in-home care provider? These booklets can be used with all your clients on a monthly basis as an addition to your activity program. If your clients are independent, give them the booklet to do in their own time. With your other clients, use the booklets as a time to sit together and do activities in a one-on-one or group setting. These booklets contain lots of conversation starters and ways to connect with the person you are working with.

Get Creative with your marketing

Do you have a mailing list?  Do you want to make a lasting impression on your current clients and boost retention? These ebooklets are a fantastic tool to provide your clients with a caring connection and gift on a consistent basis. They are a great addition to your newsletters and emails.

Do you go to in-person events where you hope to make new connections? This subscription gives you license to print the booklets and hand them out alongside your own materials and information.

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Give the gift of activities

Whether you work hands-on with older adults or market to them, giving and connection are the keys to building lasting relationships.


Keep your older adults engaged and connected to you with this fabulous monthly activity booklet. It’s a simple way of enhancing their quality of life while boosting client retention and helping attract new customers.

What’s Included

Our Booklets provide more than just activities – they offer a unique way to enrich lives. Each month, we create a selection of activities catering to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical life domains. We have thoughtfully crafted an experience within the pages that brings joy and engagement to the reader and, at the same time, builds a connection between you and them.

Our colorful and captivating activities each month include a monthly planner and calendar, a journaling section, a movement routine with video directions, a recipe and story, reminiscence, brain teasers, fun facts, conversation starters, and a craft activity.

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