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With our flagship Sunshine Activity box, you will receive a beautifully designed box with convenient monthly home delivery.

In the box, discover our activity booklet and the craft supplies needed to complete the craft of the month. The booklet combines activities for both body and mind with creative ideas, exercises, trivia, and a fun variety of brain teasers.

Whether for you, a gift for an older adult, or the older people served by your organization, our Sunshine Box is not to be missed.

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Flip through it

Dive into our example booklet. Your box will contain our booklet and craft of the month with supplies. We aim to challenge both mind and body. We also encourage you to track your progress, plan your months and make activity a regular part of your life.

Introducing our Sunshine Activity Box – your monthly subscription box full of smiles!

Each month, we curate a selection of activities catering to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of older adults. This box is all about quality of life.

Every month we will send you a fully stocked activity box with our Activity Book of the Month with fun brain teasers, trivia, conversation starters, exercise, and creative ideas like our monthly craft project. When doing a craft project, it can be overwhelming to remember all the different supplies you need while out shopping or searching online. We’ve made it easy – craft supplies for each month’s creative activity are included in the box. All you need to do is let yourself be inspired to make something amazing!

With this Sunshine Activity Box from, you’ll have all the tools needed to ignite your creativity for both body and mind. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this box makes activity time more accessible than ever before. So get ready to get those creative juices flowing because fresh crafts and activities just got so much brighter with our Sunshine Activity Box.

Our Sunshine Box is delivered to you each month. Just pop open the monthly package and get ready to get creative, challenge the mind, and have fun. We also include extra activity challenges to complete each week, to keep the activities going all month long. Plus, you get access to your Personal Activities Coach, who can consult and provide resources and support on any activity-related topics.

1 review for Sunshine Box

  1. Ryan Iguchi

    I love this activity box. I send it to my grandma every month and she gets to open it and do all the activities. Thank you MariasPlace!

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Do you have an older person in your life who you think would enjoy this? This is a wonderful gift to keep them engaged each month!

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