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We make caring for your seniors easy for you. Here at Maria’s Place we know first hand the “struggle to juggle.” Juggling caregiving for loved ones, communities, budgets and personal matters. It is never ending. That is why we created our booklets and supplies boxes. We strive to create intentional touch points for your seniors daily lives that will promote a healthy and engaged lifestyle. Our activity boxes and booklets contain items that promote mental, physical, social and spiritual engagement. We’ve strived to create a holistic package for your seniors to enjoy and engage with so that you can feel confident that they are staying sharp.

To learn more or sign up, either submit an email through the button below or you can reach Destia Taylor at (970) 514-7014 or [email protected].

Create More Smiles

As the saying goes, you don’t stop playing because you age, you age because you stop playing. Maria’s Place strives to create smiles on all spectrums of the caregiving community. We want your caregivers and organization to smile because they are supported with a product they know works and we want your seniors to smile because they genuinely enjoy our product. In addition to a product we believe in, we offer a Weekly Activity Social for your clients to join via Zoom. We have fun together and create a social, engaging experience for your clients.

Brand Messaging

We believe in integrating ourselves into our client’s world and vice versa. That is why we offer Organization branding on our bulk orders along with an offering to print the information you want to distribute to your clients and pack it in the boxes with our activities. Some examples of items our clients want us to include on their behalf are nutrition education, menus, their calendar of events, brochures, medical & vaccine information, newsletters or personalized greetings.

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Budget & Monthly Plans

Bulk pricing starts at a quantity of 25. Bulk pricing for Standard Activity Boxes start at $15 per box + shipping. Bulk booklets are $9 per booklet + shipping. Activity Boxes can be customized to include more crafts or other features and pricing on those will be provided upon request. 

How it works

First things first, get in contact with us! We will connect you with an account manager to start giving you a list of options for each month. Our activity boxes have two craft options each month for you to choose from. We are happy to ship to your facility or ship out booklets and/or boxes individually to your clients if you choose. We are here to make your life easier so please inquire if there is something else we can incorporate to help you!

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