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In-home care, Area Agencies on Aging and more.


Insurance, medical providers, and any organizations that serve older adults.


Senior Living Communities and Senior Centers.

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Connection is the key to your company’s successful interaction with your clients.

We create therapeutic-based activities for older adults designed to elevate quality of lifeWorking in partnership with you, we design personalized activity gift boxes that help to steer your clients towards specific outcomes aligned with your goals and objectives. Through our activities, older adults can explore and engage with monthly fresh activities, thereby creating positive aging through skill and word retention.

To learn more or sign up, either submit an email through the button below or you can reach Destia Taylor at (970) 514-7014 or destia@mariasplace.com.

Activity Wellness Program

Enhance quality of life with this preventative care program focusing on social, emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being.

Each month, we curate a selection of activities to engage all the senses, from brain teasers to crafts, exercise to relaxation. We include the craft supplies needed to complete the craft, and it all comes in our beautiful Sunshine Box.

Our activities can be customized to your organization’s needs. We can create content and activities that match your themes. Our boxes and designs can be customized with your branding.

Welcome and Appreciation Packages

Receiving a gift is universally beloved, and incorporating your company’s materials into the box serves to reinforce your message, establish connection, and invest in your relationship.

Forge rapport with current and prospective customers or even staff members, with an Activity Box from Maria’s Place.



  • Admissions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • New client onboarding
  • Employee retention
  • Caregiver appreciation
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Campaign Adoption

Increase retention of your marketing messaging through our activities. During an experiment with another company, our boxes took their app sign-up percentage from 3.5% with a previous box to 20% with ours.


  • App sign up
  • Portal engagement
  • Resident recruitment
  • Client outreach

Themed Education Boxes

Use Activity-based learning to engage your clients with important health and wellness knowledge needed for preventative care.


  • Diagnosis information
  • Tele-health
  • Health coaching
  • Community resources
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How it


You care about the wellbeing and happiness of your older adult clients, but connecting with them can be one of the greatest challenges. That’s why we have created this unparalleled service – to help you bridge the gap between you two. Our team has decades of experience in activities, therapeutic recreation, and messaging, so we truly understand how to connect with older individuals that may be facing isolation and loneliness due to their circumstances.

All it takes to get started is for you to reach out to us. From there, our design team will give you all the options you need to customize a solution that fits the needs of your organization and your clients.

Then our fulfillment crew gets right to work producing the custom boxes with an estimated lead time depending on the quantities and items inside each box. Afterward, they will either be shipped directly to each client or bulk to your preferred destination. Your organization’s goals made one step closer – let’s get started!

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