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Are We too Negligent in Celebrating Small Victories or Wins?

All too often, we go through each day without officially recognizing to ourselves that something good happened that day. This might be either for ourselves or someone connected to us. We should get a bit excited and celebrate!

As one day turns into the next and so on and nothing much changes, it’s important to recognize the little things. Finding ways to recognize small achievements is positive reinforcement that we are doing something good in our lives.

Did you clean the windows today, eat a really healthy lunch or do something that you had put off for a while? That can be a cause for celebration.

If you really can’t think of anything to celebrate that day, create something. Maybe take time out to go for a walk, sit down, have a cup of tea for a few minutes, and consciously decide to think of only good things.

Tell your friend about what you did and share that feel-good feeling.

Celebrating small victories can be as small as giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Maybe saying “your hair is lovely” to your friend (or to yourself in the mirror). Giving yourself a few minutes of quiet time. Smiling at the thought of having accomplished a task. Noticing and acknowledging every time you do something for others (like opening a door for someone, letting a car in front of you in the queue, etc.).

I encourage you to take a little time out at the end of each day to think about what you can celebrate (for yourself or someone you care for).  I am not suggesting blowing up balloons or eating cake (even though that could be very nice!), just a bit of positive acknowledgment of YOU. My bet is that it will make you feel good!

Maria Brady

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