Vegetable Printing

New Use for Your Vegetables!

Supply List:

  • A variety of firm vegetables
  • Knife
  • Card paper
  • Paints and brush (water for cleaning the brush)
  • Paper towels

Directions for Caregivers:

Make as described in the video. Bring supplies to the session, have fun together, and don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. This activity is suitable for anyone who can hold the vegetable and place it on a surface.

Going out to shop for vegetables can be an activity in itself!

Make as described in the video. Vegetable printing is a fun social activity for all, and every picture will be different from the next. Encourage mixing colors and overlapping patterns.

Early and mid-stage memory care/dementia.

Bring paints and the other supplies needed and explain the activity. Give any assistance required regarding choices of colors or how to clean brushes etc.

Late-stage memory care/dementia.

If the person is able to take an active part, give as much help as is needed. You may need to make the prints using hand-over-hand assistance. This is a nice activity for a passive observer also, either by watching the video or watching the activity.

About this Activity

Get Creative with Your Veggies; try Vegetable Printing!

Using paints and raw vegetables, Maria and Sheila show you how to make beautiful patterns with your favorite colors in this vegetable printing video tutorial.

You don't need any previous art experience for this easy craft project; the results can be framed, made into greeting cards, etc. It's great to get your creative juices flowing!

vegetable printing

For ideas on what to do with your prints, click here.

To watch a vegetable printing short video on our YouTube channel. Click here.

Vegetable Printing