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Will You Change the World?

What if we all woke up every day saying to ourselves, “I am going to change the world today”? How much more meaning would go into your day if this were your goal for the day. The truth is, we all change the world every single day with our actions and intentions, mostly without even thinking about it.

Think about the smile example- you smile at one person, and that person smiles at the next person, and so on because it feels good to have someone give you a warm smile. By one simple act of smiling at someone, you might have just touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people! It might seem strange, but if you think about it, the way you act towards another person can influence the way they act towards another person and so on. It is exponential how many people we all reach with whatever it is we are doing.

So, now knowing that we all change the world every day, what if we told ourselves that we are going to change the world? It sure makes my day seem a lot more important, and I tend to act in a way that is more in tune with how I want the world to be-and that includes a lot more smiles, kindness, and feeling good.

There are so many examples of how each one of us changes the world every day. The way a boss treats an employee, how a mother brings up a child, the way someone cares for another, the way we all treat each other, the countless opportunities we are always bringing to others, and receiving. I could go on and on, as it is in the fabric of everything we choose to do in our lives.

Just think about how you will change the world today!

Nichole Lindroth Bontrager Life Enthusiast & CEO at Maria’s Place

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