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Am I alone in this?

temporary confusion

A bit of temporary confusion

I think a lot of you will resonate with this newsletter. While going through old files on the computer to see what I could get rid of I came across a poem I wrote in 2009. I can’t even remember writing it and I guess that I was probably going through the menopause at the time. Most of us experience that which I have written about from time to time, and I would imagine that people in the early stages of dementia can also identify strongly with it.

Am I alone in this?

I walked into a room today,

looked around and wondered why.

Retraced my steps to try and find,

the reason.

Am I alone in this?

I drove the car to town today,

in dreamland, missed my turn.

Retraced my steps to try and find,

the way.

Am I alone in this?

Went shopping and forgot my list,

walked aimlessly around the isles.

It took forever to complete.


Am I alone in this?

I read the paper, edge to edge.

Was asked ‘What news today?’

Could not recall a single thing.


Am I alone in this?

I know the face but not the name,

it’s gone to someplace I can’t reach.

‘How nice to see you again!’


Am I alone in this?

To live in this bewildered state,

Is challenging to say the least.

Are others out there,

kindred kinds,

or am I alone in this?

©Maria Brady 2009

Maria Brady

Activity Coordinator & CQO at Maria’s Place

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