A Sensory Experience

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Going Barefoot

There is nothing better than taking off my shoes and setting my hot, sweaty piggies (toes) free in the grass after a long, bundled-up winter. The tickle of the grass blades, the smell of the grass, and the cool temp of the grass are all welcome sensory treats. Likewise, I love digging my naked toes into the sand at the beach and letting the ocean waves lap at them. I walk around with my head up in the clouds a lot, and going barefoot helps bring me back to reality.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I kick off my shoes and socks. It’s a great way for me to get grounded and be mindful of what really matters. Walking barefoot lets us access our ancestors, and since the majority of us live so much in our heads, it is good for us to get back to earth.

Health Benefits

It may not seem like walking barefoot has health benefits, but it does! After a long day of walking in man-made shoes, going barefoot gives you a free reflexology and massage treatment; it strengthens the muscles in your feet and helps decrease anxiety and depression. Plus, it’s hard not to be in the moment when walking barefoot to avoid little piles of things we may not want to step in!

My son and I like to go barefoot after rain in the summer. We find the best mud puddle and do a little post-rain dance with mud squishing between our feet. It sets my inner child free and makes my son belly laugh. It doesn’t get better than that!

I hope you give your toes permission to get naked this week!

Best, Liv Fagerholm

Creation Associate

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