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Look Around You

Isn’t this a lovely time of the year? The autumn trees are showing off in reds, yellows, greens, browns, and rust colors. Sometimes I think that we don’t open our eyes enough and really see what is around us. We go around in our own world, thinking of things we have to do, what we will have for dinner, and all the other things that go on in our lives.

Open Your Eyes

A few years ago, I joined a local camera club. In the beginning, we were taught all about composure, composition, light, and other ways to make our photography as good as we could. After that, there were monthly themed competitions; we could each enter three photographs, they were judged, and we all got constructive criticism on our photos. Suddenly I started to see my environment differently. There is nothing like a competition to make you pay more attention and put that extra bit of effort in. Most of us have a bit of a competitive streak in us!

It does become a habit after a while, you see something you like, and your brain starts putting it into a picture. What is the best angle for a photo? Is the background too fussy? How can you get that cow to stand sideways to look better in the picture?

Even if I am not out with the camera, I am certainly more observant now than before. I particularly love nature, and it does have a lot to offer!

Why don’t you challenge yourself this week to really open your eyes? Then take a really nice photo of something that interests you.

All the best,

Maria Brady

Activity Coordinator and CQO at Maria’s Place