One Thing at a Time

Do You Get Distracted?

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Being in the Moment or Not

I am the master of distraction and being anywhere but here. In this tech-driven, multi-tasking world, it is easier not to be in the moment than it is to be in the moment, at least for me. It is also a form of escapism. I often find myself working on my computer, talking on my phone, and throwing the ball for my son at the same time. My favorite is when my 2 yr old son comes over and grabs my phone out of my hands and says, “Momma, here.” It reminds me to be present and to do just one thing at a time. Most often, what I need to do is play cars with my son and enjoy his belly laughs.

For one day, I set out to do just one thing at a time. It was hard! My brain and body were desperate to do more than one thing at a time, and I felt like I was going through a type of withdrawal from busyness. I realized that multitasking isn’t always a virtue. By always doing more than one thing at a time, we are constantly burning up our fuel and brain energy and, by the end of the day are exhausted to the point of being overwhelmed.

For me, that is no longer an option as I strive to be a good role model for my son and give him my full attention when we are playing, eating, reading, or going to bed. He is teaching me every day the magic and benefits of doing one thing at a time.

Doing one thing at a time is also a form of meditation.

For example, do the dishes and while doing them focus on the temp of the water, the bubbles from the dish soap, or just keep telling yourself, “I am doing dishes” instead of thinking of the next thing you are going to do when done.

Meditation aside, doing one thing at a time allows us to be present and more focused on what we are doing and who we are with, as well as be our best at that moment.

There is a great article called, “The art of doing one thing at a time,” on, where they go into more detail about single-tasking and how it actually allows us to get more done than multi-tasking!

I invite you to unlearn how to multi-task with me and enjoy the single-tasking life!

Liv Fagerholm

Creation Associate at Maria’s Place