Looking Within

See the Beauty.

About this Activity

Find the Beauty in You

I often get caught up in the parts of life that seem so stressful, but when I tune in to myself, I always return to the same idea, which I would love to share with you.

When we focus more inwardly than externally, great things can happen to us. External things may seem like the biggest things happening in our lives, but when we take time to bring our minds back to our hearts, we realize we have all of the peace we are looking for elsewhere. We realize that the strength we are striving to find is actually already rooted inside- it is just waiting to be acknowledged. Being human is an amazing thing because we already have these innate gifts inside of us. Every single one of us. We truly are enough. All we have to do is remember.

Remembering these things can be hard when we are faced with daily challenges and fear. It takes courage to see beyond the chaos and keep looking deeper within the solid base every one of us already has. So maybe today is a good day to give ourselves a little break, a day to embrace ourselves for the better.

When we let ourselves see our own gifts, that is love. When we do this for us, we do it for others too; we see their beauty, and we love them too. How wonderful is a day when you see beauty in yourself and everyone else? How wonderful is a day when you feel love for yourself and the people in your life? I'd say it's pretty amazing.

I hope you can see all of the beauty that is you,

Sofia Lindroth

Mind & Body Wellness Advocate at Maria's Place