Song Titles from the 1950’s

Down Memory Lane.

Short Description:

For Caregivers: Say the first part aloud and let the person(s) you are with finish the title. You might even get a rendition!
Maybe one or all of you can sing a few lines of the song.

Find some of the songs on YouTube and play them to get a sing-song going.

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Directions for Caregivers:

You say the first part of the song and see if the person you are with can finish it. Maybe one or both of you can sing a few lines.

This is a fun social activity that is very suitable for a group.
If you have a phone or computer handy you can find the songs on Youtube, play them for the participant(s) and have a sing-along together.
This is also a good reminiscence activity. Talk about: who sang the song, do you like it, what dance would you do to it, etc

Early and middle-stage memory care/dementia.
Just like proverbs, songs tend to trigger memories, and finishing song titles is a very dementia-friendly activity.

Late-stage memory care / dementia.

Songs, just like proverbs, tend to trigger the memory and automatically connect to a familiar memory.

A person may enjoy just listening to this activity as a passive observer while still being part of a group.

Song Titles from the 1950’s