Using Our Senses

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Our Basic Senses Include Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, and Taste.

Depending on what we are doing, we may be using our senses all at one time, like when going for a forest walk. Or only one or two, like when we write a letter.

  • Our senses connect us to the world around us.
  • Our senses are essential for the enjoyment of many experiences, such as eating a meal or listening to music.
  • They are closely connected to our emotions and memories to impact our feelings.

On the printable worksheet, look at each word in the left column. If you take one of your senses at a time, how does a word relate to each sense? Write your thoughts in the boxes.

For example:

The word DOG. Under the sight heading, you might write, 'It looks brown, large and hairy.'

For hearing: Barking and howling.

Touch: It feels soft and hairy.

Smell: It smells clean/wet, etc.

Taste: You wouldn't taste a dog, so you put an X in that box.

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Using Our Senses