Really Listening

Let Others Inspire You.

About this Activity

Learn About Other People.

Working as an Activity Director in a nursing home, I feel truly inspired by the people I work with. Older people have so many stories, life experiences and are not shy of telling it how it is!

My thought for you this week is to listen, really listen. If you know an older person, why not sit down with them, give them some of your time, have a conversation, and really listen to what they have to say. Maybe you can reminisce about something long ago? It is so interesting to hear about how things were before your time. You may learn something about the person that you really didn’t know before

Creative Writing Project

We started a weekly creative writing group in the nursing home a couple of years ago, six residents and me. The members change over time as some people pass and others come in. During our sessions, we decide on a theme, I do the actual writing (some members have lost their ability to write) on a large whiteboard, and all members are encouraged to have input into the content we produce.

After the first year, we produced a book of poems that we are all very proud of, and we are aiming to produce another one this year. This is a poem that The St Elizabeth’s Creative Writing Group wrote last year. It was inspired by a wooden box that I placed on the table in front of the group. I hope you enjoy it.

The Cedarwood Box

My Grandmother owns a special box.
It is made from cedarwood.
It holds her secret treasures,
Her rings, her necklace, and her watch.

My Granddad was a traveling man,
He went both far and wide.
He liked to purchase gifts abroad,
This box was for his bride.

She really loves this precious gift,
And keeps it in a drawer.
Away from little peeping eyes,
My Grandma’s special box.

Maria Brady CCO & Activity Director at Maria's Place