In Our Writers Group Today we Wrote a Sea-side Poem

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It Started With Some Shells.

Today I brought in six seashells to the nursing home writing group session and handed one to each participant. There were six residents in our group, and a great discussion ensued.

The shells provoked both memories and questions. I asked them to come up with the first line of a poem, we then built on that and ended up with the following:

A Summer Memory
Along the shore, I found a seashell
Lying along the water’s edge
There were children playing in the sand
Running and jumping along the strand
Some built sandcastles, some swam in the sea
In the background was the sound of a band
People were dancing on the bandstand
A lovely summer’s day

The group members were quite proud of their achievement, and the question “What are shells made from?” was asked. I went home to research, and the following day I was able to go back and tell them about the exterior skeletons of mollusks and show pictures of different types. It was good social interaction and discussion for all involved, and we all learned something from this activity.

One thing often leads to another: learning new information and doing new activities can only enhance our lives.

Be open to new experiences!

Maria Brady

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