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These hands – creative writing and reminiscing

These hands


These hands

A while ago I did a group project with six residents in St Elizabeth’s nursing home. I showed them my hands and asked them to tell me some things that their hands have done in life. It was a fun exercise and after a good interactive session we ended up with the piece of writing below.      

These Hands

Have been very busy

Have nursed babies

Have planted cabbage

Have done plenty of washing

Have written shopping lists

Have used a typewriter

Have baked much bread

Have made a lot of tea

Have used a lawn mower

Have polished many shoes

Have shaken lots of other hands

Have used a hammer

Have driven a tractor

Have sewed and knitted

Have watered flowers

Have picked potatoes

Have played ball games

Have stacked mountains of turf

Have written many letters

Have held other hands to give comfort

If these hands could talk…….

By St Elizabeth’s residents


To follow up from this, we painted a large background paper, I printed out the individual lines and they were cut out and glued onto the background. We now have a permanent artwork stemming from a fun mind exercise. Lots of the activities that we do can become more than the initial exercise. This one involved socialising, thinking, imagination, painting, cutting and placing of objects.

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