Easy Numbers Quiz

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Short Description:

Level: Easy

This is an easy printable numbers quiz with multiple choice answers (to be used if and when needed). You can stretch this activity further by introducing some reminiscing.

Quizzes don’t have to be competitive, the main objective is to have fun and these questions are not too difficult.

Some people might find this quiz a bit too easy and if you want a more challenging numbers quiz click here.

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Directions for Caregivers:

If the person you are with has good general knowledge, ask the question first, if they can’t answer, then give them the answer options.

If you have different abilities in the group always ask the participants not to answer until all the answer options are read out. That will give everyone a chance to give their opinion, not just the fast thinkers.

Early and middle-stage memory care/dementia.

Encourage guessing of the answer even if they don’t know it.  The objective is inclusive, active participation where nobody feels silly for getting it wrong.

About this Activity

Did you have a chat about each question in the easy printable numbers quiz?

For example, can you name the planets in our solar system?

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Easy Numbers Quiz