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Alphabet Word Game #2: Flowers

Go through the alphabet from A to Z with the person(s) you are working with.

Use the Flower theme in this post and try to find a type of flower for each letter. Give hints if needed. It is absolutely fine if you miss some and don’t get them all. The object of the exercise is to encourage concentration, focus and thinking. Exercise the little grey cells! Try doing it without looking at the printout first, then fill in the gaps from our suggestions.

How you might use this activity:

 Along with a caregiver / activity director for the following:

One-on-one activity, use as described above.

Group activity, use as described above. Use whiteboard or individual sheets of paper.

Early stage memory care / dementia, use as described above.

Middle stage memory care / dementia, give more hints and clues to the right answer.

The activity is suitable for both men and women.

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