Make Someones Day

About this Activity

Say it With a Smile

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a smile is:  “a happy or friendly expression on the face in which the ends of the mouth curve up slightly.”

Did you ever notice that if you are in bad form or feeling a bit sad, if you make yourself smile, yes, draw the sides of your mouth up and give it your best effort, it can actually make you feel instantly better?

Smiling is very contagious. It is very difficult not to respond in kind when somebody smiles at you.

I find smiling a lot works wonders around people with dementia, particularly those who may have lost their ability to communicate clearly verbally. A warm smile doesn’t need words and will make the person feel noticed, elevate the mood, and best of all, you usually get a wonderful smile back!

Smiling at others is a way of giving individual attention and creating social inclusiveness. Some people may feel lonely, invisible, maybe a bit confused. Your smile will show them that you see them as individuals and that you care!

So, make today a day when you make someone else’s day with a big smile!

Maria Brady

Activity Coordinator & CQO at Maria’s Place

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