Give Yourself a Moment

About this Activity

So Take a Break Today, and Just Pause.

We live in a fast-paced, instant gratification kind of world where information is available at the touch of a finger, and responses are expected immediately to texts or emails. It’s no wonder many of us react right away when faced with a feeling, a situation, or a person. This immediate reaction or response can often lead to words being said that we wished weren’t said or on-the-spot decision-making that we later wish we had thought more about. That is why I would like to introduce you to the “pause.” Sounds silly, right? So simple, yet not always easy to do.

You probably already know about pausing, but sometimes we need a reminder. To be able to pause in the midst of a heated situation, a trigger response to someone else’s words or a frustrating situation with an older person or child can save the moment.

Pause when agitated, when feelings well up so tight in your throat you think you might burst when a toddler acts like a toddler for what feels like the millionth time: just pause. Take a breath and give yourself a moment. The act of pausing isn’t easy and takes practice as do all good things in life.

The pause is a type of non-action that seems contradictory to what people, in general, are taught to do in life. We are taught to take action, make the leap, stand up for ourselves. But the pause gives us an opportunity to step back and make a better decision about our next action step. Hopefully, it’s an action step that won’t hurt others or yourself. Taking a pause is a way of staying present, being mindful, and living consciously. It’s all related.


Liv Fagerholm