Easter Coloring, and Flowers in Watering Can

Free Printable Spring Coloring Pages.
Free printable Spring coloring pages.

Short Description:

Coloring Easter eggs is a longstanding tradition. Here is a fun Easter coloring page and a nice spring flower motif for you to color.

Use markers, paint, crayons, colored pencils, or whatever medium you have to hand and make them vibrant and colorful!

Directions for Caregivers:

Make your painting session a social occasion. Add a cup of tea and chat about different Easter traditions, or if Easter is not for you, spring in general. Chat about what flowers appear first in spring, what animals you might see in the fields with newborn babies, etc.

Coloring in a group is wonderful. Even if everyone has the same coloring page, they will all look different, as no two people are likely to pick the same combination of colors.

Early and mid-stage dementia

Provide the necessary supplies and offer guidance on paint usage/mixing. Be available for support if required.

Watching someone else paint is an activity in itself. Maybe the person will offer opinions on which color to use and where to apply it if they choose not to participate. Leaving a brush and page in front of a person often leads to engagement after observing others painting for a while.

About this Activity

Easter coloring pages to get you into a creative mood.

Make a colorful Easter display and use the flowers coloring page to brighten up your house for spring.

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Easter Coloring