Tactile Activities, Picture it in Words #2

 Tactile Activities to Exercises Focus, Vocabulary, Memory, Creativity, the Senses, and Imagination!

Short Description:

Close your eyes and picture the objects on the worksheet in your mind, one at a time. Write down as many words as you can think of to describe each one. You can also find items in your home and do the same exercise. Touch them, look at them, feel the weight, etc, and describe every aspect of them in words.

About this Activity

On the Journaling Page, There are Five Items for You to Describe as Well as You Can.

For Caregivers

This is a Tactile Activity that Exercises Focus, Vocabulary, Memory, Creativity, the Senses, and Imagination!

Imagine that you are describing each one to another person who can’t see it, but you are not allowed to say the name of the item.
So how would you describe the items?
Ask yourself the questions:

What color is it?
How does it feel to the touch? Hard, soft, cool, warm, etc.
What length is it?
What shape? Round, angular, flat?
Does it have a smell?
What size is it?
Can you eat it?
Is it heavy?

This tactile activity activates all the senses and works well for groups and one on one. Describing an item thoroughly requires touch, smell, vision, hearing and if you add something edible to the exercise, you will have the sense of taste as well!
1. Start by gathering a few items with different textures and sizes.
2. Ask the participants to have a good look at them, feel them, smell them, and really get to know them.
3. Then ask them to come up with words to describe the item. It helps if they pretend that they are describing it for a person that can’t see or feel it.
4. Write down the responses on a whiteboard for all to see, one item at a time. This will reinforce what the activity is about and spark the imagination.


Ask one person at a time to describe an item for the others. Maybe the item is in a box and only the person describing can see it until someone guesses correctly. Help out with added suggestions and maybe tell them the first letter of the item if they are having difficulty figuring it out.

You can use this activity with groups, or one-on-one with individuals.

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Tactile Activities, Picture it in Words #2