Valentine’s Heart Greeting Card

Maria and Sheila Show You the Way in this Video Tutorial.

Supply List:

  • Blank greeting card
  • Colored papers
  • Scissors and pen
  • Glue stick

Directions for Caregivers:

Watch the video together and enjoy making your card for Valentine’s Day.

Do some reminiscing about Valentine’s day.

Get together around a table and make your Valentine’s Day cards together.

A nice social activity. Create discussion and reminiscing about Valentine’s day long ago and how celebrating this day has changed over time.

Early to middle stage memory care/dementia.

Make the card for Valentine’s day as described in the video.

Assist when needed or maybe make a card together and help each other.

About this Activity

Why Not Make This Colorful Card for Valentine’s Day for Someone You Care For?

The participants need to have enough dexterity in their hands to handle scissors securely.

Remember friends and family as well as the more romantic people in your lives when you are sending the cards.

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Valentine’s Heart Greeting Card