Why Not Me?

Dare to Dream

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Letting Yourself Believe

Lately, I have been saying to myself, “Why not me?” When I buy a lottery ticket, when I daydream about being a published author: why not me? And why not YOU?! I figure someone has to be the recipient of whatever it is we dream of or yearn for, so why not us? When I substitute this thought for all the other negative thoughts that tell me why I can’t, I am lighter.

Incorporating this thought into my day and letting go of the negative thoughts that tell me why I am not worthy or don’t deserve something has changed my perspective just enough to believe in myself a little more and accept that I am worth a little more than I believed yesterday. I have found so much freedom in letting myself believe that I can, I will, I am.

For today, ask yourself - Why not me? Let yourself enjoy your dreams and longings. Caregiving is a labor of love, and it is often a one-way street of giving. But this you can give to yourself. Why not you?

Some might call this daydreaming, and that is ok as daydreaming has proven health benefits. Daydreaming can help enhance memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills. While daydreaming may not feel like hard work, it is actually a great workout for your brain.

Others may call this positive thinking. Positive thinking also has health benefits. It can increase your lifespan, help with stress management, and help lessen the impacts of depression.

So let your mind wander and ask yourself, Why not me?

I dare you to dream.

Liv Fagerholm

Creation Associate at Maria’s Place