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Challenge your brain with these intricate Mazes.

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According to Webster’s Dictionary, a maze is,

“a confusing, intricate network of winding pathways; specifically, with one or more blind alleys”.

The object of solving mazes is to ‘travel’ from start to finish without encountering any obstacles.

There are lots of blind alleys, so it’s a good idea to try and do it visually first, you can trace it with your finger. Then, when you are fairly confident at getting through it, mark the way with a pencil. When you have marked the way through with the pencil, you can follow this with a marker.

Solving mazes boosts patience and persistence. Concentrating on a maze is a good exercise for memory, and wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination.

We have supplied two options for this activity. The first one is easy and the second is of intermediate level. Some people might like to start with the easy one and if they then want a bigger challenge, offer them the harder option.

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