How Many Words can You Find to go with Each Title?

Printable Page With a List of Topics.

Short Description:

Use as a word game and find as many words as you can related to each topic, or use the topics as triggers for reminiscing.

Exercising memory as we age is an important activity to do on a daily basis. Category word games make this happen while having fun. Have a competition and do it with someone else; see who can come up with the most words!

Directions for Caregivers:

This is a great one-on-one activity. Pick one or two topics each time and work together to find as many words as possible.

You can leave the list on a table for a few days and add words as they come to you.

You can make it a whiteboard activity and ask all the group members to come up with ideas. A great inclusive filler activity; use a couple of category titles each time you do it.

Alternatively, give each person a sheet of paper with a category word written on it. Set a time to add words and then read them aloud to see how many of them you get altogether.

Early-stage and early mid-stage dementia

This is a great activity to do one-on-one. Use only one category per session and add some reminiscing about the topics of the words you come up with.

About this Activity

This 'How many words can you find' word game activity is suitable for many ability levels.

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How Many Words can You Find to go with Each Title?