Fabric Christmas Bauble

Maria and Sheila Show You the Method in This Video Tutorial.

Supply List:

  • Polystyrene shape
  • Fabric squares
  • Scissors
  • Knitting needle
  • Ribbon
  • Two long berry pins

Directions for Caregivers:

Watch the video together before starting to make your own.


You will need a lot of small pieces of fabric for a group activity. Maybe cutting the small squares is an activity in itself.

If you are making this with many people, colored bed sheets are a good source of material for this Christmas fabric bauble.

Early and middle-stage memory care/dementia. 

Watch the video, make the Christmas ornament together, and assist if needed.

About this Activity

This Handmade Christmas Ornament Will Add to the Festive Look of Your Home.

It is always helpful to have a finished craft to show as a visual aid if you are working with other people or watch the video together.

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Fabric Christmas Bauble