Split Words, Gemstones

Each section of the Split Words game contains part of a word relating to gemstones.

Short Description:

Each word is divided into two parts. Pair them to make words related to the theme.

Cross them off as you go in the grid, and write the finished words on the lines below the grid.

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Directions for Caregivers:

Print word game sheets, explain the activity and be on hand to give help if needed. You could point out the first part of the word and pair it with one of the other words at a time until it sounds right.

Early-stage memory care/dementia.

Print word game sheets, explain the exercise and be on hand to help. It could be describing the word that is searched for or pointing out the first half of a word if needed.

Mid-stage memory care/dementia

Point out the first half of a word if needed. You can sound out the options verbally, pair the first part with the different options and get to the word that sounds right.

Encourage as much active participation as possible. If a person is unable to write, rather than you crossing out words as you find them (even if the person can’t write, they may be able to cross a word out), you can assist further by indicating with your finger where to put the X.

About this Activity

Add some reminiscing to the gemstones word game.

What is your favorite gemstone? Do you own any nice jewelry with colored gems?

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Split Words, Gemstones