9 Letter Word Puzzle

Find Lots of Words in the Square.

Short Description:

You may only use each letter in the word square once.

To make it fun and find the most words, make any recognizable word of any length, including names and plurals.

If you like more difficulty, you can include the central letter in every word or make the minimum word length three or four letters.

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Directions for Caregivers:

Find the words together, give clues if needed. To make it a little easier, you could ask the person you are with to find words starting with a particular letter.

When you write down your words, group them by the same starting letter in each group. This makes it easier to see which words you have already found.

Give out individual sheets, or use a large whiteboard.

With the whiteboard, draw the word square, and write their answers for all to see. Be sure to use a wipeable whiteboard marker.

Early and middle-stage dementia.

Find the words together and give clues if needed. Maybe ask the person to find words starting with a particular letter if they are stuck. This is a little easier.

Write the found words in columns, with all the words in each column starting with the same letter. This makes it easier to see which words you have already found.

Give hints. Maybe point to a written word, for instance, “FACE.” Ask: What happens if I take away the F?

A whiteboard is an excellent visual aid for 9-letter word puzzles.

About this Activity

Benefits of Engaging with 9 Letter Word Puzzle

  • Word squares challenge your mind and require you to think critically. This can help improve memory, focus, and cognitive abilities.
  • Focusing on a puzzle can help distract from stress or anxiety, promoting relaxation.
  • Working on word squares can enhance your vocabulary as you're often exposed to new words.
  • Word squares require you to fit words together in a specific pattern, which can improve your problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.
  • These puzzles can be challenging and may require multiple attempts to solve, which can teach patience and persistence.

Remember that while these benefits are associated with doing a 9-letter word puzzle, they're not guaranteed and can vary from person to person.

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