Decorating Clay Projects

Maria and Sheila Show Some Ways of Decorating Items Made From Self Drying Clay.

Supply List:

  • Dried clay items
  • Paints
  • Diluted white glue
  • Brushes
  • Ribbon (depending on project)
  • Water
  • Dimensional paint

Directions for Caregivers:

Look at the video tutorial together and get creative when decorating your clay projects.

This activity is best suited to a small group. Make it a social occasion, add a cup of tea, and share ideas.

Early-stage and mid-stage memory care/dementia.

This is a lovely tactile and social activity. Make your clay projects together and offer assistance if it is needed.

About this Activity

Have a look at our clay modeling tutorial and make some clay objects ready to decorate.

It is nice to decorate items that you have made yourself.

Decorating Clay Projects