Floral Table Arrangement

There is no Need for any Previous Experience with this Floral Craft.

Supply List:

  • Empty tin cans
  • Ribbon or lace
  • Wet oasis
  • Foliage and flowers
  • Scissors

Directions for Caregivers:

This is a lovely social activity to do together, gather your supplies, and go for it! Work together on one arrangement or make one each and let nature shine!

As a group project, supply plenty of foliage and flowers and give everyone their own arrangement to make. If you are in a nursing home of similar facility, you can make colorful arrangements for the dining room tables! Don’t look for perfection; it will look great!

Early and middle stage of memory care/dementia.
Watch the video and supply lots of flowers and foliage. You may need to help with cutting the flowers to size but most people enjoy sticking them into the oasis and seeing their floral table arrangement grow!

Late-stage memory care/dementia.
If the person cannot physically participate even with assistance, watching this activity or the video itself as a passive observer can be a satisfying pastime.

About this Activity

A Pretty Table Flower Table Arrangement is Made Easy with Maria and Sheila.

Going out to buy the flowers or pick the foliage is also a good activity!

For a round floral arrangement click here.

Maria and Sheila also show you how to make an Easter basket arrangement and a fun floral Christmas cracker.

Floral Table Arrangement