Crossword for Dementia, #2, Tools

Crossword for Dementia

Short Description:

Solve the Clues and Put the Answers in the Right Place in the Grid.

Solving crosswords is a great brain exercise, good for passing the time of day, and can also be a fun social activity. This one is quite easy and the answers all relate to tools of different kinds. As a crossword for dementia, it is excellent.

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Directions for Caregivers:

Solving this crossword for seniors can be a nice social activity. 

Puzzle-solving together encourages communication.

One-on-one with two seniors solving the crossword together will encourage communication between participants.

Early to middle-stage memory care/dementia.

Do the crossword for seniors together and give as many hints as is needed to come up with the solutions. 

Easy-level crossword designed for dementia.

Crossword for Dementia, #2, Tools