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Most of us enjoy a good joke!

Telling jokes is a great activity filler. It will elevate the mood of both the person telling it and the people listening. I find that with dementia the ability of "getting" a joke is still there long after verbal expression abilities have declined.

To quote from psychologytoday.com: "Although laughter is not generally under voluntary control, yukking it up has numerous health benefits. Bouts of laughter can boost the immune system, relax muscles, aid circulation, and protect against heart disease. They abet mental health, too; laughter can lower anxiety, release tension, improve mood, and foster resilience. Of course, laughter also enriches social experience, by strengthening relationships, helping to defuse conflict, and allowing people to successfully operate as a team. The benefits of laughter, for both bodies and minds, show that contagious convulsions are anything but frivolous."

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