Feathered Easter Decoration

Maria and Sheila Demonstrate.

Supply List:

  • Feathers
  • Vase
  • Branches
  • Rubber band to hold the branches together
  • 3.5" lengths of thin wire

Directions for Caregivers:

Watch the video together and make this easy-level feather Easter decoration as described.

If you are an activity professional, this craft works really well as a group project, with people choosing feathers and placements and watching the result happening.

A good social and tactile craft.

Early and middle-stage memory care/dementia.

This is a dementia-friendly activity that looks great when it’s finished.

Late-stage memory care/dementia.

The person may choose the feathers that they like and point to where they would like you to attach them if they cannot take an active part. A nice colorful activity to enjoy watching as a passive observer also.

About this Activity

Maria and Sheila Demonstrate how to Make a Delightful Decoration for Your Home with a Natural Branch and Feathers.

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Feathered Easter Decoration