Make a nice wreath to decorate your place for St Patrick's Day.


Shamrock wreath

Download Shamrock Wreath activity

Supplies needed:

One piece of card board (large enough to fit a dinner plate on it) it could be the side of a cardboard box.

Three shades of green paper or light card paper



Printed template page

Glue stick

Shamrock sequin (optional)


First draw a circle around a dinner plate and then an inner circle using a smaller round plate or bowl. The ring width should be 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm).

Drawing wreath base

Cut this out

Base for wreath

Print the Template pattern at the end of this page and cut out the shapes.

Place the templates on your green papers, draw around them and cut out the shapes.

You need four shamrocks of the biggest size in a dark green color.

Four shamrocks of the same size in a mid green color.

Three or four of the medium sized shamrocks in the lightest color.

Place the four darkest shamrocks evenly spaced on the ring, use the glue stick and stick into place.

Gluing first layer

Place the lighter color in the spaces between them and glue into place.

Gluing second layer

Add and glue on the lightest color smaller shamrocks where you think they look best.

You can also add some very small shamrocks here or use shamrock sequins as I have done.

If you don't have sequins, you might want to cut a few of the smallest size shamrock template and add them.

Shamrock wreath

This activity is suitable for independent persons, early stage memory care / dementia. The participant will need to be able to handle a scissors safely.

Like all craft activities, people who are not quite able to take active part might like to watch others making the craft.


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